We Invest In You With the Giving Back Program

As staunch supporters of the green movement, we are dedicated to making certain that our family-owned-and-operated business also takes measures to invest in our global community. You can rest assured that your purchase from Salvador Kitti will go toward making a positive impact on the world around us. A percentage of all sales proceeds are donated to various wildlife conservation projects. We support the following organizations, among others:
  • Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge
  • White Oak Conservation Center
  • Save the Manatees
  • Zoo Atlanta
  • Carolina Tiger Rescue
  • Snow Leopard Trust

We Support Wildlife Conservation Projects

In addition to our other programs, we donate a certain number of products and a few of Amy’s original paintings for fundraiser events throughout the year. These events often include support for the following organizations and causes:
  • Carolina Tiger Rescue and Snow Leopard Trust
  • Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge
  • Big Cat Rescue
  • Cheetah Conservation Fund
  • Ching Farm Rescue & Sanctuary
  • Animal Defense League

Why Our Company Takes Supporting Charities Seriously

We also regularly donate our products to be sold at the Gentle Barn, The Wildlife Weigh Station, Snow Leopard Trust, Animal Rescue of the Rockies, as well as The Cat House. Our dedication to being a part of making a better world for animals and people alike is evident in our unflagging support for these worthy causes.