Our company, Salvador Kitti, was founded by Atlanta-born artist, Amy Pugh. Her company was inspired by and named after the real Salvador Kitti, who was born in her art studio. Salvador would climb into Amy’s lap as she worked, and would often put his paws in the paint.

Amy and Salvador’s love of painting together inspired her to begin designing her line of animal-friendly gifts, accessories, watches, holiday ornaments, and clothing. Amy uses images of her original works to create the dynamic aesthetic of her products. Our motto is "Eat, Paint, Meow,” because that is what we do best! As a green-conscious, family-owned-and-operated company, we also care deeply about the environment and our surroundings. We only print on recycled paper. We have three passions in life: art, animals, and the environment.

Salvador's Story

SalvadorAmy found a pregnant stray cat at work one evening, and decided to bring her home. Because of her colorful spots, she named her “Pinta,” which means “to paint” in Spanish. It would prove to be a well-chosen name. Pinta gave birth to five kittens in Amy's art studio, and Amy stayed by her side the entire nine hours. Kitten number two, whom she named Salvador, was special from the very beginning.

He was the first of the litter to walk, eat, open his eyes, and notice all of Amy's paintings. He would walk over to them and sit and stare, as if he was studying them. Soon Salvador became a painter himself. He dipped his paws into the paint and walked on the canvas. Salvador and his mama Pinta both currently live with Amy's family in Atlanta.

Artist Bio

Amy CamposAmy Pugh was born in Atlanta, GA. She began her career in art early, as she began drawing her stuffed animals before she could even speak. She followed her passion throughout high school. On her first day of classes at Georgia State University, however, she learned of the unexpected death her father.

Consequently, she took some time to explore all avenues of artful expression, and fell more in love with the freeing spirit of the arts. She chose to avoid the conventional ways of studying art, and approached her gifts on her own terms. This heart-felt, emotional journey, coupled with her deep love for animals, led to her personal growth and development into the artist she is today.

What Is the Giving Back Program?

Here at Salvador Kitti, you can be confident that your purchase will have a positive impact on the world. A portion of all our proceeds are donated to various wildlife conservation projects, including the following organizations:

  • The Loggerhead Marine Life Center
  • Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge
  • White Oak Conservation Center
  • Save the Manatees
  • Zoo Atlanta

In addition to our giving back program, we also donate some of our products and a number of Amy's original paintings for fundraising events. These events include the following causes:

  • Carolina Tiger Rescue and Snow Leopard Trust
  • Zoo Atlanta
  • Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge
  • Ching Farm Rescue & Sanctuary
  • Animal Defense League

We also donate some of our products to be sold at the Gentle Barn, Wildlife Weigh Station, and The Cat House. Our dedication to making the world a better place is evident in our tireless support for these worthy causes.